Make sure you join the Bitcoin Bankathon discord server where you can connect with potential teammates, ask questions, and get IT support from our team!

To be able to join all channels, please react with the thumbs up emoji in the welcome channel.


OBP Resources

To access the Bitcoin Bankathon developer portal, use the links below.

Qredo Resources: 

API3 Resources:

Tropykus Resources

RSK Resources

Please try to bring your own Bitcoin testnet assets. You can store your Bitcoin testnet assets in your own Electrum wallet, which allows you to acquire testnet assets every 24hrs and then simply transfer them to your Qredo Wallet when the building starts. Below you will find a list of BTC testnet faucets and instructions on how to install electrum.


Teaming up

To team up on devpost, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Participants tab in the main menu. 
  2. Here you’ll find a list of participants (you're at the top of the page). Add your skills, check the box I’m looking for teammates, and leave a short description of yourself including your ideas and the challenge you want to tackle.
  3. Browse the list of participants (use the filter and search features). Do they have skills you've been looking for? Are they tackling the same idea? Then send a team-up request by clicking the button in the top right corner.

When you find a team, you can start adding them to your project.


Creating a project and registering a team

  • Go to the My Projects tab in the main menu.
  • Click "Create project"
  • Add your teammates to the project via email or share an invite link


List of BTC testnet faucets:



Download from here:

The following instructions are for Windows and using the Windows installer accepting all default values in the install wizard. 

Mac and Linux users – you’re on your own – but feel free to ask for help on discord.


Conveniently in Windows, shortcuts to both the standard Electrum wallet (mainnet) and the testnet version are installed in the Start menu (although only a shortcut to the standard version is installed to your desktop).

To launch the testnet version on a Mac or Linux, you need to run it with the “--testnet" argument. 



When first launched, the install Wizard will run:

“How do you want to connect to a server?” – leave it set to “Auto connect”

“Electrum wallet” – change the name of your wallet if you want, but it’s not required.

“Create new wallet” – leave this set to “Standard wallet”

“Keystore” – leave this set to “Create a new seed”

“Choose seed type” – change this to “Legacy”

You will now be presented with a list of 12 words.  If this was a real Bitcoin wallet, then you would absolutely write these words down and store them in a safe place. The next screen asks you to re-enter them (in the same order) to confirm that you’ve recorded them correctly.

The next screen asks you to create a password.  You can choose not to enter one.



Who owns the IP of the code I created?

All intellectual property rights in the ideas and applications of a participant shall remain owned by, and shall vest in, the participant who creates them. See Terms and Conditions for more information.

Do I have to come with a team?

No! We will help you find a great team to join.

If you don't have a team, visit the Participants page on Devpost to see other registered users who are also looking for team members!

What's the #hashtag?


What is the minimum age of a participant?


Can I see something from a previous hackathon?

Sure, here’s a video from a previous hackathon, which was run by the Open Bank Project in the US.

What's the maximum team size?

Six individuals.

Will the event be run in English?

The facilitators of the event on site will be bilingual but the event will be mainly run in English. However, online we also have channels for the Spanish-speaking community on our Discord. If we have mostly Latinamerican people on site but there is a minority that doesn’t speak Spanish, we won’t neglect those and we will run the event in a bilingual fashion.

How do the travel refunds for Participants work?

Travel refunds are intended to help Participants outside of El Salvador to cover their travel costs. Participants are responsible for arranging their own travel and accommodation. Participants can apply for confirmation of eligibility here If your request is confirmed, you can send your travel receipts up to $150 per participant following the event to where the refund will be processed. Please note that the refund is limited to $150 per participant and will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

Should I bring a laptop?

Yes. Even if you're not coding it's a good idea to bring some kind of internet-enabled device.

Do I have to be a coder?

No, entrepreneurs, designers and anyone with bright ideas and energy is most welcome.

What if I've never been to a hackathon?

Perfect. Come and have a great first experience!

Where can I find the developer tools?

We'll send a link to the developer portal when it goes live.

Any programming language preferences?

If you are building on the blockchain side, RSK currently supports all the opcodes and precompiled contracts of Ethereum, and therefore it can support any language that compiles to the EVM. This includes Solidity, Julia, and new or experimental programming languages such as Vyper. On the internal side, you can also access the Qredo and OBP APIs with regular Web 2 code which would be wide open. 

Where is the hackathon taking place?

You'll be collaborating virtually for the first two weeks, but the last 3 days of the hackathon - 6, 7, and 8 December - will take place both online and on-site at Hacienda de Los Miranda in El Salvador.

Venue details:

Hacienda de Los Miranda
Calle Las Rosas 8, Colonia La Sultana
Antiguo Cuscatlán, El Salvador, C.A.

Google Maps

If you already have a project that suits the challenges, can you use that and take it further during the hackathon or does it have to be a new code?

It’s normal that people have a project already and like to adapt it to this particular event. This can be done but it has to be using all of our tools that we provide. If you have a code of a previous project you’re allowed to reuse it as a component in the solution but the actual project you build has to be new. 

Who can I contact to learn more about the event?



How are prizes paid out?

Prizes are USD equivalent value as follows:

(1) all main prizes are remitted in BTC, and

(2) all prize value calculations are at the sole discretion of the hackathon organizers and sponsors.


Helpful resources & links