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Welcome to the Bitcoin Bankathon!

Digital currencies are becoming increasingly embedded in the mainstream financial system. Not just consumers, but companies, investors, and countries are acknowledging and incorporating cryptocurrencies into their everyday transactions.

The Bitcoin Bankathon challenges teams of coders, designers, and problem-solvers to build Bitcoin-enabled banking applications that can unlock access to improved financial services for the people of El Salvador.

Enter as an individual (we’ll help you team up) or assemble a team, build your prototype and pitch your idea!

Over the course of 3 weeks – starting virtually on November 19th and ending both online and optionally on-site in El Salvador on December 8th – you'll face any of the following 5 challenges:


1. Build the next neobank: What could a more inclusive Bitcoin-enabled neobank for El Salvador look like in 2022? 

2. Redesign remittances: How can Bitcoin remittances improve the lives of those who rely on money from abroad?

3. Battle climate change: How can banks and crypto companies unite the citizens of El Salvador to tackle climate change?

4. Empower women: How can Bitcoin and open banking data support women's economic empowerment?

5. Empower merchants: How can we empower merchants using open banking data and smart contracts? 


There will be online networking and learning sessions with our skilled mentors who will help you design and build your idea. From December 6th - 8th, pitch trainers will help you pitch your idea to our panel of experts; who will share their wisdom on how to take your prototype to the next level.

You can either follow the pitch training and winner's announcement from December 6th - 8th online or you can join us in person at Hacienda de Los Miranda in El Salvador. 

If you’re keen to demonstrate your creativity and to design the future of finance, register now to secure your spot! For media organizations that wish to cover the Bitcoin Bankathon in El Salvador on December 8th, please fill in this press registration form.

Check out the agenda for the last few days below:

If you have any questions you can:


Upon completion of your prototype, the following deliverables should be submitted on Devpost: 

  • Code submission 
  • Supporting documentation (this may include photographs of whiteboards, diagrams, written notes, a short business case, or any other material you think relevant)
  • Any submission which has been partially prepared or developed prior to the commencement of the event will be subject to disqualification
  • 3-minute demo video

The final deliverable is your pitch. 

Hackathon Sponsors


$150,000 in prizes

Best Overall Product (2)

– $25,000 USD (paid in BTC)

For the best overall product based on the judging criteria.

Best use of Off-chain Data (2)

- $25,000 USD (paid in BTC)

For the team that builds the best product using data served over the Airnode.

Best use of Advanced Technology

- $25,000 USD (paid in BTC)

For the best use of advanced / blue sky technology.

Most Visionary Concept (2)

- $7,500 USD (paid in BTC)

For the submission that displays the most visionary concept.

Social Media Hero

- $10,000 USD (paid in BTC)

For the most active social media supporter of the hackathon.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Celina Padilla Meardi

Celina Padilla Meardi
President of Banco Hipotecario de El Salvador

Carolina de Hernandez

Carolina de Hernandez
Innovation & IT Manager at Banco Central de Reserva

Mario Menéndez

Mario Menéndez
Superintendente at Superintendencia del Sistema Financiero

Fabrizio Mena

Fabrizio Mena
Undersecretary of innovation for the Government of El Salvador

Simon Redfern

Simon Redfern
CEO and Founder of Open Bank Project

Robert Rico

Robert Rico
Open Banking Lead at API3

Xavier Font Solé

Xavier Font Solé
Business Operations Manager at Qredo

Mauricio Tovar Gutiérrez

Mauricio Tovar Gutiérrez
Co Founder of Tropykus Finance

Brendan Graetz

Brendan Graetz
Head of Developer Experience at RSK

Judging Criteria

  • Viability & Potential
    Is the idea viable as a long-term business?
  • Usage of APIs or Smart Contracts
    To what extent are the available tools leveraged?
  • Technical Excellence
    How well does the app use (cutting edge) technology?
  • Challenges
    To what extent are the challenges met?
  • Level of Completion
    How much progress is being made? Working apps are encouraged!

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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